club med finolhu, maldives

Truth to be told, it's hard to put into words exactly about my experience when staying at the new Finolhu Villas by Club Med in Maldives.  For me, the mere mention of the beach conjures up just the sort of staycation haven I dream about escaping to everyday.

I have a particular weird habit of waking up early every time I travel and especially in Maldives. Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the white sand beach and the beautiful warm sun beaming through the light-filled room, one can easily find solace, rejuvenation and warmth here at Finolhu.

My assigned G.O. (Gentil Organisateur/ host/ butler), Jean-Michel was wonderful and accommodating, yet allowing total privacy.

There were 21 of us Instagrammers from across South East Asia. Many of whom I have never met before. The island was a mere half an hour boat ride, upon which gave us time to be acquainted. I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse the talents were on this trip - from photographers to actresses, and social media entrepreneurs.

After stepping out of the boat and through the solar powered bridge, my heart sank, not in disappointment, but because I only have five days. For me Club Med Finolhu was absolute hotel nirvana. Beach culture, nightlife at Finolhu's counterpart - Club Med Kani, bottomless beers, yoga and meditation by the beach, spa and massage... the entire experience was pure bliss.                                      
Wanderlust. How I wish I could rewind time!

Big thanks to Club Med for the generous sponsor and the superb team at Vibes Comm PR!


inch and plates, penang

Squared by: @sherreenl

Back in August, I was invited by the same guys responsible for all our drinking:


for more Spanish wine and delectable brunch food at their new restaurant, Plates, in Penang. Located in trendy Muntri Street, the beauty of the dining room is matched by the quality of its food where I ordered an impressive plate of Tuna Kataifi Salad as recommended by my host for yet another bubbly brunch.

The sheer number of options can spoil one rotten and although the menu boasts nothing out of the ordinary, there are some familiar classics that can never go wrong for a brunch restaurant.

Come night time, the back of the restaurant transforms into a hip hangout eatery - serving scrumptious South East Asian fare Tapas style and creative cocktails (eg. Lemongrass Gintonication), winning praise for classics that well represent Penang.

Everything about this place is top-notch and every weekend is a cause for celebration here at Inch and Plates.

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amsterdam x bloesem

Some photos from when I was in Amsterdam with team Bloesem for a Food Styling workshop with Zara. Most of the time were spent in shop hunting and ice-creams in between.

in no particular order

Collective Space
Morgan & Mees
Headfirst Coffee Roasters